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Talent Management Software

Secure Talent Management Software Platform for knowledge intensive and high reliability organizations that have, or want to develop, talent management processes, competency systems and capability models specific to their operation

SOC 2 certification – Centranum’s independently audited  System & Organisation controls meet “trust service principles” criteria  – security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

World leading Talent Management Software enables you to:

Centranum Talent Management Software provides 5 solution areas, each with integrated modules.   Choose just the ones you need.

Job Role and Capability Management  – maintain a listing of job roles with key performance indicators and capability requirements  (qualification, training, experience and other areas important to your organisation).  On demand real time view of all staff capabilities and gaps.

Competency Management System– (Operational Skills Management software).  Manage and update your organization’s competency framework(s) in one central location.  Identify core, leadership and technical, clinical or functional competency requirements per role. Assess competencies on the job with real time view of competency levels and gaps across the organisation.

Learning Management System  – Modules are tightly linked to required job competencies. A central place to build, catalogue and manage access to all Learning Resources.  Development plans for all roles and career tracks. Real time information on Individual Capability and Development progress.

Our Next Generation Performance Management platform goes Beyond Performance Appraisal. It provides tools for continuous individual performance support and development.

Use our Talent Identification and Succession Planning tools to ensure an effective Career Development and Succession Pipeline.  Enhance staff retention by showcasing opportunity

Capability Based Talent Management Management Software adds value across the organization
For Staff
  • Know clearly what is expected and how they are doing
  • Be supported in professional self – management
  • Have objective and transparent developmental competency assessments
  • Take an active role in planning and tracking personal development
  • Have a clear view of career paths and opportunities
  • Be able to plan career advancement, promote skills & experience
  • See fair,  consistent identification and recognition of top performers
For Managers
Centranum Talent Management Software - Benefits for managers
  • Effectively communicate performance expectations.
  • Identify the  knowledge and skills to meet those expectations
  • Have a clear picture of staff competency and any gaps
  • Match individual development initiatives to close those gaps
  • Identify and develop key talent with proven processes and HR support
  • Have a real time view of team goal achievement.
  • Easily identify and address the causes of poor performance
  • View and balance workloads to improve performance outcomes.
For Senior Managers
Centranum Talent Management Software - Benefits for Leaders
  • Have an on demand view of relevant competency & capability levels across your organization.
  • The ability to drill down to view individual level data
  • Use competencies to drive culture and change initiatives and
  • Reduce human capital and non compliance risks
  • View on demand the rich comprehensive talent management and succession information you need for effective governance
  • Monitor the effectiveness of capability, performance development and talent management processes
For HR and L&D
Centranum Talent Management Software - Benefits for HR

For IT Managers

Centranum Talent Management - Benefits for IT & Security
  • Be able to configure the system to work the way you choose
  • Have a quick and simple implementation project
  • Enjoy an attractive and simple interface that delivers rich information and integrates all competency based management processes
  • Ensure relevance of all your content with extensive DIY library management tools
  • Gain credibility with staff through a focus on cost effective job and career centred individual development
  • Become a business partner not an enforcer
  • Make use of extensive tools for competency tracking and future capability building
  • Maintain relevant learning resources of all types with automated update of individual training records

Have confidence in a Talent Management Software platform that is;

  • Private Cloud
  • Client configurable.
  • Latest web technology
  • Designed to maximise security
  • Complies with international confidentiality & privacy standards

Our clients say it best

Centranum provides a comprehensive set of functionalities... We explored other systems but none were able to meet our needs without incurring huge implementation costs for customization.

Singapore General Hospital
Centranum understands our business...it is easy to use... implementation was on budget... there is support when you need it.

North Harbour Health
The Centranum system shows so clearly how the work of all individuals combined is your defacto business model ... it makes it so easy to see where things are going wrong, what's been overlooked, what is obsolete, and then to get the alignment right.

General Manager
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SOC2 Type 2 Certification

SOC 2 certification – Centranum’s independently audited  System & Organisation controls meet “trust service principles” criteria  – security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.