Track Workforce Capabilities & Competencies

Centranum integrates capability frameworks, job profiles, individual assessment, development and analytics to help organizations develop unparalleled staff competence.


Tools and wizards help identify the foundation information for all HR processes

Improve performance with clear job expectations – easily updated as business changes.

Quickly and accurately identify the Qualifications, Certifications, Training, Experience, Competencies and Attributes needed for job success.

Retain staff engagement with career opportunity – show case career pathways through the organization


Capture rich data on staff Competency and Capability, integrate data from HR systems

Gather rich CV information from staff with clear real time dashboard and drill down views

Ensure the right people in the right jobs – match individual capability to job requirements

Create and assign development plans or programmes to cover gaps and future needs


Identify Competency and Capability gaps and levels across the organisation

Find staff with required competencies and capabilities for projects and teams

Overall workforce capability management – identify needs and compare with current status

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