Workforce Capability Challenges Update 2021

Workforce Capability Challenges update

Key Findings for 2021

and comparison to 2020

1. A continuing increase in those reporting challenges with aspects of capability and competency, with the exception of core competencies. A continuing reduction in the number of challenges related to performance management. Slightly fewer challenges related to culture and strategic HR.

2. A marked increase in those facing challenges of staff retention and engagement. More of a focus on the challenges of career development and succession.

About the Survey

The Centranum software has 3 main solution areas: capability development, performance management, talent & succession planning. Any individual who downloads information is asked to provide their current key workforce challenge.

Responses reported are of the ONE key challenge cited by individuals downloading resources from our website from January 1st, 2021, to mid-November 2021.

(This research summary will be updated after the end of 2021)

The kinds of challenges mentioned are of course a product of the information on our website and the roles of our website visitors. Most are senior managers in HR, Learning and Development, or Organizational Development, with a few managers from Operational areas.

Key challenges are summarized below.

top 5 capability challenges 2021
other capability challenges in 2021