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Deploy Competency Management Software for performance improvement and risk reduction
Because training and qualifications don’t guarantee competence on the job

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Practical Guide to Competency Management 2023

Competency Management Software for knowledge intensive industries

Supports all types of competencies in multiple frameworks.        Use your own custom competency models and showcase career pathways

Central Competency Library and Role Profile Mapping

Assessments – flexible, easy to use, multiple methods

Competency linked development resources

Real time analytics

Competency Management Software Modules

Competency Library

Central library

Maintain all your competencies in one central repository so you make changes in just one place. Always access both current and historical records.

Customizable content

Supports multiple frameworks and multi-level competencies.

Define and update the competencies needed for success in your organization, with language your staff will relate to.

Improve Health & Safety and other regulatory Compliance  by defining these expectations as competency standards.

As many competencies as you need. You can include values based behaviours, core competencies, leadership competencies, compliance and technical competencies. Customize rating scales to competencies,  behaviours and standards. Include descriptions as well as labels for each competency rating point so that evaluation is more consistent.

Competency Mapping

Extensive options cover all assessment method

Profile Library

Dedicated module for mapping competencies to profiles.

Any combination of competencies and standards can be mapped to requirement profiles.  The module enables linking of individuals to one or more profiles for assessment and reporting.

Competency mapping can be used to define a set of core competencies as part of performance requirements. Also define core and multi-level leadership competencies for your organization.

Departmental subject matter experts can manage their own job profiles with functional, technical and clinical competencies. Publication protocols ensure competency profiles remain up to date whilst preserving the integrity of historical records.

Career/Learning pathways

Competency profiles can be organized in career pathways within the library.

Specialist career pathways can be indicated using multiple levels within competencies to highlight requirements by role seniority.

Competency Assessment

All the flexibility you need

Stand-alone Competency Assessment platform.

Multiple assessment methods supported. Administrative work is minimised.

Staff, line managers and HR staff can all initiate assessments, nominating assessment content and assessors/reviewers, subject to an approval process.

Assessments may have a time frame for completion, or remain open all year. Evaluations are captured and reported in real time.

Automated alerting

Reviewers receive automated notifications and reminders when evaluations are due. The message content and timing is configurable.

Comprehensive Management Reports give real time information on Competency Gaps and Levels as well as comparative data and trends

Risk and Quality Management

Demonstrate workforce functional competence for quality assurance programmes.

Identify those with particular competencies for project teams.

In today’s complex and dynamic operational environments. you need to be able to show that your workforce has the skills and knowledge needed to make the right judgments and decisions

Competency Linked Knowledge Testing

What you know determines what you do

Knowledge is the key – Today competency requires much more than the ‘right behavior’.  Especially in complex roles competencies are built on a foundation of knowledge.   Now you can test whether staff  have the knowledge they need for top performance.

Test Platform   Central question library.  Construct  Multiple Choice Questions with rich media,  linked directly to competency requirements.   Create  test templates and manage knowledge testing with automatic update of competency assessments.

 Flexible  Departmental subject matter experts manage their own areas within the test platform.

Gap Analysis

Real time individual and consolidated reports on gaps at a detailed level enable targeted learning initiatives.

Reports on test results across questions enable quality control of the test bank itself.

Competency Linked Learning

Link Learning to business priorities

Real time need registration

Staff and managers use the Individual Development Plan to register competency linked development needs as they arise, anytime during the year.

Effectiveness tracking

Clients find many training needs can be met very cost effectively with on lone support materials, on job training and coaching.

Course evaluations can be requested automatically after course completion.

Management reports provide details of all individual learning initiatives, with costs, approvals, progress status and manager assessment of effectiveness.

Targeted learning

The Individual Development Plan enables selection of competency linked learning strategies, formal and informal resources.  Optional configurable approval processes for registration on designated course types.

Training Management

Approval and Progress on each learning objective is tracked. Completed Learning Initiatives are automatically updated as individual training records.

Competency Reporting

Real time rich information and reporting

Real time reporting

Management reports provide on demand information about current competency requirements, competency levels, competency gaps, comparisons between periods and competency trends right through the organization.

Reports drill down to the level of particular standards or behaviors to enable a laser targeted approach to training.

Practical Guide to Competency Management 2023

Complete toolkit for your own fully customizable competency management system