Core Competency Examples

We are often asked what should be included as core competencies in a competency framework.    There must be a reason for selecting a core competency.  That reason is that it will improve the organizations performance.    Alternatively the competency may reflect the values of the organization.

Research shows that there are 5 high level competencies which can positively impact work group and organizational performance.

We provide some examples of each of these below

Research shows that at the individual level it is the competencies derived from cognitive ability and the high level personality trait of Conscientiousness that are likely to improve individual performance.   We discuss examples of competencies derived from the cognitive sphere in a separate post.   Those derived from the personality construct of Conscientiousness are covered below.

Define core competencies simply so that the description itself is not a source of bias.    That means ensuring each behaviour covers only one factor.

Make sure it is observable.   Actions are observable.   What people are able to do, what they think, feel or are willing to do is not directly observable.

Competencies that contribute to Work group and Organizational Performance

Service Competencies

Core competencies that are associated with better Individual performance are derived from the Cognitive (thinking) domain.  We cover these in our article Meta Strategies for Improving Individual Performance