360 Feedback
Software Platform

Fully customizable
including individual reports

Secure flexible on-line 360 Feedback

Your own content and reports

customizable 360 feedback

Fully customizable 360 Feedback

  • Use competencies from our library or add your own competencies (questions).
  • Set up your own profiles (assessment templates).
  • Define the 360 feedback (multi-rater) relationships you wish to capture.
  • Use your own process and communication strategy.
  • Design your own individual report cover, introduction and appendix.
  • Brand the system with your own logo and terminology.

Easy set up

Upload user information and customized competency and communication content.   Set the system & process policies.

Map the competencies to be assessed to competency profiles (templates), and assign participants to the relevant profiles.

You can quickly create all your 360 feedback assessments in one go

easy 360 feedback set up
flexible 360 feedback processes

Flexible 360 Feedback Processes

Assessments can be identified or anonymous.

Participants and their managers may nominate the reviewers. There is a separate approval process that previews the relationships so that managers and HR can ensure a balance of respondents is achieved.

The optional moderation process is designed to prevent adverse effects of inappropriate comments.  Here the moderator previews all comments and edits any that are counter-productive.

Use the tools to capture 360 feedback for performance reviews of job responsibilities and project work as well as for competencies.

Multi language support

360 Feedback Participants & Respondents

All participants and respondents must log in to the system with their assigned credentials, ensuring the security of the system and its data.

After log in Respondents review their home page with a list and links to complete all feedback requests.

If interrupted respondents may pause and resume their feedback at a later time.

Participants may access and down load their completed individual feedback reports in a choice of formats.

360 Feedback admin tools

360 Feedback Admin tools

User management tools support both individual entry and bulk upload of user details. The system is intelligent so relationships between participants and reviewers are automatically defined.

Reports show the status of all 360 feedback requests.

Automated email announcements, alerts and reminders can be configured

Individual 360 Feedback Reports

Graphical individual reports, generated on demand, have a fully customisable front cover, introduction and appendix sections.

Sections show overall ratings and comments as well as a break down of differences by relationship of reviewer.

Various sections in the report highlight possible blind spots – areas of disagreement between reviewers

Other sections highlight strengths and development needs

Development Needs can be linked to suggested learning resources.

individual 360 feedback report
team & consolidated 360 feedback reports

Team & Consolidated 360 Feedback Reports

Team reports provide a graphical comparison between team members by individual competency and by competency set, as well as comparisons with any previous assessments.

Gap analysis reports for individuals, teams, departments and the organisation as a whole provide details of competencies and behavioural standards below expectation.