What is a Competency?

The competency concept has many different definitions. We review the emergence of the concept and the different ways it is used. We look at the different types of competencies,  competency models and why using competency is an essential business tool.

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How to develop Competency Models – free guide

In depth review of how to set up competency models.  From the most simple to the most complex. Read More

How to define a competency

Competency statements that work. Free ebook

How to structure competency statements for different purposes. Avoiding the pitfalls that can cause inaccurate assessments.  Download

Competency Assessment – Best practices – free Guide

Everything you need to know about competency assessment – how to avoid common mistakes and ensure valid assessments.   Read More

why define competencies?
Competency Management Business Case 2024

10 reasons you need a competency management system

Competency Management – done right – is the fundamental building block of people strategy.  Read More

Capability Challenge – Research 2020-2022

Based on input from our website visitors on their key HR challenges.

Key findings – Almost all (99%) of HR challenges advised  2020 -2022 have some relation to Workforce Capability

An evolution from a preoccupation with performance management to a rapidly increasing focus on Capability. Read the report

What is a Core Competency?

The origin of the concept of Core Competencies together with examples and notes on their use.  Read More

How to Use Core Competencies to shape Organizational Culture

A core competency framework is an essential tool in people management.  Some key questions are whether to use a generic vendor provided proprietary competency library, or define your own, and how then to assess core competencies.  We cover these questions and the 5 key steps to defining valid core competencies.  Learn More

What is a Competency Model?

A competency model is a list or catalogue of competencies identified by an organization to demonstrate its values, to ensure staff work together to support the organizational goals and ensure successful job performance at the individual level.  The use of competency models is a strategic imperative for organizations of size and complexity.   Read More

risk management
Competency and its impact on Risk Management

It is well accepted that people are the most important element in an organization’s success – the corollary is that they are also its biggest risk.  Since job knowledge and skill are the best predictor of successful performance Competency Management tools are indispensable for organizational risk management.    Read More

competency and performance
Competency versus Performance – the difference

Competency and Performance are widely used terms in Human Resources that have no commonly accepted meaning. This confuses organizational staff as well as the processes used in people management.  Our model sets out a clear evidence based relationship that can be used for HR process design.  Read More

Certification versus Competence

We assume that a certification means that the holder is competent in the subject of the certificate – unfortunately this is often not the case.  There are several key reasons.. Read More

competence and competency
Competence or Competency

As with so many terms in Talent Management there is confusion between ‘Competence’ and ‘Competency’.  Are they the same or are they different concepts?  and how should they be used?   Read More

Employee Engagement & Leadership Competency

Surveys consistently show staff in many organizations are not highly engaged.  There is some association between engagement and organizational success.  Leadership competency is also an area of concern. This is not coincidental. There is a close link.    Read More

Do Core Competencies improve Performance

A summary of the recent research on the links of core competencies to individual, work group and overall organizational performance. Read More

Core Competency Examples

Evidence based core competencies.  Research shows positive impact on team and  organizational effectiveness.   Learn More

Avoiding bias in Assessment

Understand the relevant sources of bias and strategies to minimise them. Learn More

Define competency - statements that work
How to write Competency statements

How to construct a competency statement for consistency of interpretation and assessment.

what is a competency
Making Competencies Work

How to ensure your competency initiative is credible with positive outcomes. Learn More