Competency Based
Learning Management

Complete Competency based Learning Management Platform

Use in conjunction with our Job Capability, Competency and Career Management Tools to capture the relevant, realtime data staff, managers and HR need for effective decision making.

Key benefits

  • Integrates all types of learning – formal and informal
  • Manage all your learning initiatives in one place
  • Align learning to organizational objectives and future plans
  • Track capabilities and skills gaps across the organisation
  • Empower staff to engage in continual learning for up-skilling and reskilling
  • Provide robust support for on job training
  • Minimise administration and capture high-quality data

Functionality Options

Resource Catalogue Management

Formal and informal development resources

Competency linked

Capture rich information on resources including target competencies, provider, instructors, location, costs, programme details, learning objectives, approval and any bond requirements.

Configurable access

Configure access for staff, managers and competency leaders to make catalogue addition requests and contribute new catalogue entries in designated categories – subject to validation.

Smart search functions for finding development resources.

Content library

Store content documents in the system document repository,  so they can be downloaded via the catalogue listing.

Self-paced learning

Compile and manage self-paced learning with a variety of media including e-learning.

Individual Development Plan

Create and track individual development objectives

Complete Current and historical record

The individual development plan page displays all current and completed development objectives.   It highlights any current competency gaps,   against current requirements or career plans,   so that they can be addressed with competency specific development resources.

Current competency gaps and progress on learning objectives may also be shown on the individual’s dashboard.

Targeted Learning

Individuals link their development objective to a primary competency, and select competency linked resources for formal and informal training.

Planned training for the coming year can be summarised from the Individual Development Plan, and formal applications for approval initiated.

Progress Tracking

Use of learning resources is tracked along with completion of the objective itself.

Course Requests & Approvals

Course Requests

Fully integrated with Individual Learning Plan

Course Approvals

Configurable approval work flows based on configurable conditions.  Current status of course requests is automatically shown in the Individual Learning Plan.

Approval dashboard for managers and Learning & Development administrators.

competency management software - targeted learning

Class/Event Management

Manage class schedules and registrations.

Manage class sizes and confirmations.

Automatically notify attendees of changes to schedule or status.

Track attendance

Training Calendar

Configurable calendar display enables administrators to control who sees what.

Integrated with Individual Development Plan and Personal Dashboard.

One click Course Registration

Budget Planning

Annual Planning

Staff and managers use the individual development plan to plan training and development for the coming year.

Consolidated reports enable review of training needs and establishment of the training budget.

Manage training grants and bonds

Record training grants and status

Record training bonds and expiry date

Track  grant utilisation and bond status

Utilization Tracking

Track training uptake by individual and by organizational units.

View un-utilized training

Manage changes to training budgets

Training Records and Reports

Individual and consolidated reports on all aspects of Development including

Competency Linked Resources – formal and informal

Staff development objectives – including staff with no objectives

Staff development progress

Resource Use & Course Enrolments

Course Approvals

Course Attendance and non Attendance

Training Costs and Hours

Learning Effectiveness Tracking

Pre and Post Training knowledge and competency evaluations

Participant feedback on  course presentation, venue and content

Feedback on achievement of  learning objectives

Evaluation of ROI using Kirkpatrick levels.