News - Centranum upgrades to latest web technology


Dateline:  20 October 2022

Most organisations face real challenges with staff capability & performance

Centranum provides the answer with the latest web technology

Despite the efforts of enterprise HR departments, the problem persists. Research consistently shows that;

  • Almost all staff say it’s not clear what is expected of them
  • Knowledge and skills required to deliver on expectations are defined too broadly. The descriptions are open to multiple interpretations, and useless in practice.
  • We assume – incorrectly – that education and training mean competence. Even though knowledge and skills obviously have a use by date, and most training is never applied on the job.

Leanne Markus

Leanne Markus is an Organizational Psychologist and Founder of Centranum Systems. She says;

Most HR systems are standardised for the enterprise and driven by the HR department – that works for most HR functions, but it doesn’t work for capability and performance development. Here the focus must be on the individual and their job… and even in huge organizations few jobs are identical. It’s just not feasible for HR partners to have detailed knowledge of every job.”

“Twenty years ago, in our consulting work, we found that organizations just didn’t have the tools they needed – and today that’s still the case. Systems out there are very standardised – often just digitised forms and checklists. “

Back in 2005 Centranum set out to provide tools based on proven principles and processes from little known, but extensive, research in Organizational Psychology.

Decades of research have established specific job knowledge and skills as the single best predictor of job performance.

Conversely, factors in the work environment – mostly dysfunctional systems and leadership – are the main cause of poor performance.

Now Centranum has released its  Talent Management software – 5 solutions over 20 seamlessly integrated modules- on an entirely new platform. It uses the latest web technology and user interface.   Developed and enhanced with input from clients over the last 15 years. The platform is designed to be coordinated by HR but driven by Operations.

Markus says “The new platform provides proven, versatile, cost effective and simple tools.   It is easily integrated with other enterprise systems”

Staff and Managers are prompted to;

  • Dynamically clarify and agree individual performance expectations
  • Identify individual job competency requirements
  • Assess and develop individual job competency
  • Easily access job relevant competency linked learning resources
  • Have regular constructive performance conversations
  • Review career pathways and development

Executives and HR have an accurate, organization-wide, real-time view of capability and performance with detailed insights – including;

  • Competency and capability gaps
  • Competency levels and compliance risks
  • Performance achievements and issues
  • The effectiveness of informal performance management processes
  • Usage and ROI of competency linked learning resources
  • Talent and Succession Pipeline

Available worldwide.  Most suitable for high stakes, knowledge-based organizations in industries such as healthcare, engineering, extraction and technology.

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