your future workforce

Build a succession pipeline

Identify critical roles, show opportunity and career pathways, build commitment

Recruit and develop the right talent

Minimise turnover and hiring costs

  • Improve selection with better understanding of measurable capability and competence requirements using job analysis tool
  • Reduce hiring costs by sourcing internally using rich information on staff from their profile
  • Speed up the on boarding process with role based programs
hire the right people
career development platform - career opportunities

Build workforce commitment

Research shows perceived opportunity drives engagement

Use our platform to;

  • Provide staff with visibility into organizational roles and career pathways
  • Implement the Career Development tool that allows staff to measure themselves against capability and competency requirements for any role
  • Provide staff self service access to development resources to close any gaps they find for their roles of interest
  • Encourage staff to indicate their interest in any job role or career pathway
  • Facilitate managers to discuss and note possible next career moves with their staff

Develop talent pools

Create talent pools for leadership and critical functional areas

  • Create competency requirement profiles for talent pools
  • Build and resource targeted development programs
  • Identify, evaluate and develop talent pool members confidentially
talent pools

Groom successors for key positions

Know your people - using rich data in the staff profile

  • Identify critical positions based on turnover risk and ease of replacement
  • Identify emergency stand ins for critical positions
  • Gather nominations for potential successors with notes on strengths,  development needs and readiness
  • Plan for different scenarios
  • Track changes in the succession pipeline over time