AI in Talent Management – Perils and Positives

AI in Talent Management

AI is the next thing in Talent Management. Many claims are made but can AI based software really deliver? Some experts claim it’s just another Snake Oil.
We answer the questions
– What is AI?
-What is meant by an algorithm?
– How AI is being used in Talent decisions and what research supports this use.
– What are the risks?
– What are the positives?
– Is AI better than traditional analytical methods?

Workforce Capability Challenges Update 2021

Workforce Capability Challenges update

A continuing increase in those reporting challenges with aspects of capability and competency, with the exception of core competencies. A continuing reduction in the number of challenges related to performance management. Slightly fewer challenges related to culture and strategic HR.

A marked increase in those facing challenges of staff retention and engagement. More of a focus on the challenges of career development and succession.

Remote Working Latest Research

Remote Working 2020

People have been working remotely for decades. Suddenly there is huge interest in remote working as a result of the pandemic.

In this article we take a deep dive into the historical data to see how prevalent remote working has been. We look at the kind of roles that most frequently work remotely, and how much time they spend doing that.

We look at survey data of the benefits and the challenges experienced by remote workers and their employers.

In particular we look at whether working remotely affects productivity, including the impact of the work environment, tools and resources.

For all these factors we look at the impact of the pandemic and the likely effect on the future of remote work