HR Analytics – Big Data

Big Data - HR Data Analytics

HR Analytics is being promoted as a MUST HAVE by software suppliers and consultants alike. We examine the scope, what is required for effective analysis, the current state of play in many organizations, the potential benefits, the effort required and last but not least what is the return on investment?

Who is the Talent – what is “potential”?

who is the talent?

Organizations need to ensure the sustainability of their workforce. So identifying “hi potentials” – those with the opportunity to advance – is an important HR practice. However there is no common understanding of what it means to be “hi-po”. The common approach has tended to be the simplistic use of a “9 box grid” . This article outlines the research on the concept of “potential” and sets out an evidence based model of selection criteria for “hi-potentials”

Why Talent Management Systems Fail – 5 years On

Why Talent Management Systems Fail - fast forward

This is a review of the trends in Talent Management Systems since 2010. We review the complaints, the wish lists of those looking for systems, and the reasons why, 5 years later, today’s systems still do not live up to their promise. We outline the DNA for a Talent Management system that does deliver on the needs of organizations in a competitive and rapidly changing business environment.