Capability Tracking

Capability Development & Intelligence Organization Wide

Real time rich capability information for all Human Capital decisions

Capability Framework

Capability Requirements Analysis

Personal Portfolio - CV

Capability Intelligence - Analytics

Capability Framework

Define and track relevant apects of Capability

There is no commonly accepted definition of Capability in HR practice. We include education, training, qualifications, affiliations, physical abilities, personal attributes and all kinds of competencies.

The Capability framework is customizable so you can  include just  those capability factors that are important to your organization.

Define and capture detailed information relevant to each of your capability factors.

Job Capability Requirement Analysis


 The essential foundation for all Talent Management processes

Simple intuitive tools for managers allow analysis of the job role for required capabilities.

Build your own dynamic library of capabilities.

Use the profiles for hiring and shortlisting.

Personal Portfolio – Internal CV


 Configurable to capture the relevant in depth information you need
Personal Profile - CV

Rich information

Maintain an up to date internal CV for all staff.

You have the option to allow staff to update some of the details themselves.

Core information, such as qualifications and training completed, can be imported automatically from an HR system.

Capability Intelligence


Complete information for people decisions – in a single screen

Capability Search – Search for staff with any of the capabilities listed within your system.

Matching reports – Find those who most closely match the requirement profile for any of your job roles. Check on capability gaps between the requirements for any job role and the capabilities of the incumbents.

Staff Profile –  Rich real time information in a single field of view.


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